What is COSTI?

The Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (COSTI) was established on February 1, 2013 as mandated by the cabinet decision of September 9, 2011 with the specific aim of coordination and monitoring of Science,

Project Scientist

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Dr. Prashan Francis holds a bachelor’s degree in geology and a master’s degree in gem minerals from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Thereafter he obtained a PhD from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He started his career as a researcher in gem minerals. Later he migrated to Canada and changed his career to petroleum technology. During that time he had followed the master’s degree in petroleum technology attached to the University of Alberta, Canada. After completion of the degree, he formed his own geological consultancy company specializing in well-site geology, core logging and seismic analysis. During that time He also worked in the capacity of a subject matter expert and course developer attached to a local technical college. He had held both these positions up to the time of his arrival in Sri Lanka, in 2013.

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