What is COSTI?

The Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (COSTI) was established on February 1, 2013 as mandated by the cabinet decision of September 9, 2011 with the specific aim of coordination and monitoring of Science,


       Sri Lanka initiates collaboration with CERN



       Press Release - Science Centre

COSTI, the Coordinating Secretariat for Science Technology and Innovation under the purview of the Minister (Senior) of Scientific Affairs and in line with its mandate to coordinate science and technology activities as outlined under the Objective 3.1 of the STI Strategy 2011-2015 – ‘Implement Science for all initiative’ – will hold a coordinating workshop for the establishment of a science centre in Sri Lanka....



A Free Webinar on " Research Commercialisation"

A  free webinar on "Research to Commercialisation" will be broadcasted from the American Physical Society on December 3rd at 4.30pm local time. A Sri Lankan Prof.Sivanandan, who was recently honoured by President Obama speaks.

Please follow the link below for additional information  and registration details available at:

COSTI goes to cyber space

The new website can be accessed through and it provides links to the social media pages created using facebook, linkedin, wordpress, twitter and you tube. COSTI website will act as a doorway which explains it’s key activities and supporting it’s coordinating and monitoring mechanism. The Social media platform will act as a knowledge hub of sharing latest news, events as well as allowing the user community to engage with each other to find answers to issues which they are facing through open discussions. COSTI’s social media pages can be accessed through the following links:

 face twitter Linkedin youtube2 blogicon

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