Regional Workshop SMEs and R&D: Collaboration for Commercialization

Regional Workshop SMEs and R&D : Collaboration for Commercialization

Co-organized by:
National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) of Sri Lanka
Coordinating Secretariat for Science Technology and Innovation (COSTI), Sri Lanka
Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Hilton Colombo Residences (formerly JAIC), Sri Lanka
22-23 December 2015


Tuesday, 22nd December 2015

Keynote Address 

*   Technology Development and Commercialization: World versus Sri Lanka, Sunil Jayantha Navarathna,

    Advisor to the Hon. Minister of Industry and Commerce


Session 1: Importance of Technology Commercialization

*   Interaction in R&D networks among university, large enterprises, SMEs, venture firms,
     and government: Evidence from Korea - Young Jun Kim, Korea University

*   Innovation Landscape in Malaysia - Mark Rozario, National Innovation Agency Malaysia

*   Role of Engineering in Technology Development in Sri Lanka - Case of Good Security Through Scientific Storage of Rice -
     Leelanada Rajapaksha, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya


Session 2: Technology Commercialization Processes

*   Innovation for SMEs to Survive and Excel in the Age of Open Innovation In Japan - Masayuki Kondo, Yokohama National University ( Slides Not Available )

*   Supporting SME R&D and Innovation in Taiwan - Ching Yao Huang, National Chiao Tung University


Session 3: Opportunities for Technology Commercialization

*   A model to transform Manufacturing Industries through Industry lead R&D Engagements and Innovation -
     Karnika De Silva, Auckland University

*   Internet of Things (IoTs) - Ajith Pasqual, University of Moratuwa

*   Biofilm, Bio Fertilizer : R&D to Commercializing - Samantha Kumarasinghe, Nature Secrets ( Slides Not Available )

*   Nanotechnology Integrated Air Cleaner - Manju Gunawardena, SLINTEC

*   Personalized Medicine - Vajira Dissanayake, University of Colombo

*   Novel Food Products / Milking Machine - Lakshman Wijeyewardena, NEDA

*   Academic as a role model for future Graduates - Gamika Prathapasignhe, University of Wayamba

*   How to Exploit Endless Opportunities in the Media and Creative Industries: Ideas to Make Revolutions
     in the Media Business (in Sri Lanka) -  Anil Fernando, University of Surey, UK (No Slides Available)


Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

Session 4: Barriers and Challenges

*   Barriers for the Technology Cooperation Between Indonesian SMEs and Japanese Companies -
    Kyosuke Kurita, Kwansei Gakuin University

*   Province - Ministry Science and Technology Cooperation in China: History,Factors and Barriers -
    Jingjing Zeng, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

*  SMEs and R&D in Sri Lanka - Chandra Embuldeniya, Chairman of the Technology Committee of the NSF ( Slides Not Available )


Session 5: Facilitation Towards Technology Commercialization Process

*   Impact of Government R&D Subsidy on Firm Performance: Evidence from Korean SMEs -
    Beom Cheol Cin, Kyonggi University

*   Sri Lankan Scenario : Commercialization Services for Inventors - Nalin Karunasinghe

*   Role of Banking Sector in supporting the preparation and implementation of Technology Commercialization -
     Dharmasiri Wickramatilake, Senior Vice President (Branch Banking), DFCC Bank, Sri Lanka

*   Barriers and Solutions for SMEs: The Case of Korea - Bokhwan Yu, Asian Development Bank Institute


Session 6: Role of Technology and Innovation on SMEs

*   Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard - Geetha Abeysinghe, Programme Director IT, COSTI ( Slides Not Available )


Session 7: Summing Up and Vote of Thanks

Summing-up (Lessons learnt and Shared) - Ajith de Alwis, Project Director, COSTI 


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