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 2013 පෙබරවාරි මස 1 දින විද්‍යා, තාක්ෂණ  සහ නවෝත්පාදන පිලිබඳ සම්බන්ධිකරණ ලේකම් කාර්යාලය පිහිටවනු ලැබුයේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවෙහි විද්‍යා, තාක්ෂණ සහ නවෝත්පාදන ක්‍රියාකාරකම් සම්බන්ධිකරණය සහ නියාමනය කිරීමේ විශේෂිත ඉලක්කය ඇතිව, 2011 සැප්තැම්බර් මස 9 වන දින අමාත්‍ය මණ්ඩලයෙන් ලද අනුමැතියෙන් යුතුවය. මෙම ලේකම් කාර්යාලය, 2010 අගෝස්තු

Virtual Institute on Inclusive Connectivity

Taking the Sri Lankan context into consideration, we define, ‘inclusive connectivity’ as Overall connectivity that helps to achieve an economically-integrated, inclusive society by realizing:

• Physical connectivity that improves supply chain performance, connects and integrates logistics, transport, and telecommunication infrastructure in the country;

• Institutional connectivity that advances cooperation and coherence among stakeholders, supply chain partners, and other interested parties;

• People-to-people connectivity that enhances interaction, research, knowledge sharing, open innovation, and other joint endeavors.

According to this definition inclusive connectivity requires adequate physical infrastructure, human capital mobility, technology transfer, and access to markets. By connectivity we mean both physical connectivity and digital connectivity.

Inclusive connectivity is not an option but a necessity for Sri Lanka if we are to achieve rapid economic growth.



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